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your Six-Figure business to the next level...
How to Create & Fill Your Signature Program
for High Ticket Sales & Greater Impact...
Avoid the 5 Mega Mistakes Most Consultants Make That Keep Their Bank Accounts Empty.
Discover the little known, but proven process today's top coaches, consultants, and service professionals use to attract the ideal, perfect clients and close more business without sacrificing impact.

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Two years ago, I was where you are now. 

I felt frustrated and overwhelmed because I wasn't getting paid what I was worth in my consulting business. 

My clients were all getting great results, but I was still struggling to generate the income I knew I deserved. 

Plus, I was working long hours and struggling to make payroll each week.

Everything changed for me after I "cracked the code" and began to implement the same magnetic marketing principles used by the world's top marketers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, Russell Brunson and more.

After spending three years and over $50,000 to "hack" their success, I figured it out and am now passing on the truth to my tribe and private consulting clients.

Now I can generate leads on demand, attract my ideal, perfect clients, serve them well, and get paid what I'm worth because I have a proven system for getting results. 

You can do this too! You just need the right information and guide.

  •  Proven: I used this same process to build my own six-figure consulting business and a seven-figure agency and generate all the leads I can handle on a consistent basis.
  •  Results: Get the real deal answers to how to attract your ideal, perfect audience and convert them into high-ticket paying clients with ease.
  •  Focused: You can finally ignore the "shiny objects" and "marketing gurus" spouting out the next best thing because this is a process that works!


If your goal is to grow your six-figure coaching, consulting, or advising business using a proven system that produces measurable outcomes, then this group is for you. You want to finally get paid what you're worth, have predictable leads coming in, and the ability to convert high-ticket clients.


This group is not for you if you are looking for a silver-bullet, done-for-you solution. You will be joining a group to learn proven strategies and then taking action to implement and get your own results. We will hold YOU accountable, so excuse-makers and tire-kickers need not apply.

Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
  •  Run A Profitable Coaching & Consulting Business You Love.
  •  Amazing After Sales Service Backed by Jen's Personal Guarantee.
  •  No Need For Tech Knowledge, Marketing Gurus, or Ad Spend.
What We Will Cover:
  •   Week One: Craft your brand story by becoming a known industry leader & have your ideal, perfect clients clamoring to work with you. They'll be hanging on your every word and making your competition irrelevant.
  •  Week Two: Know where to find your ideal, perfect clients and know exactly how to connect with them through simple story telling and magnetic messages that get their attention and convert into sales.
  •  Week Three: Create your Signature High Ticket Offer and match your solutions to your clients problems for maximum impact and income. Step-by-step process takes you by the hand to make this simpler to command a higher price for top value.
  •  Week Four: Generate leads simply and quickly with a 3-Step Sales Process designed to fit your gifts and talents as a thought leader, speaker, or expert using public speaking, webinars, live video, or teleseminars.
  •  Week Five: Close leads into sales with confidence by creating a value-packed Custom Sales Experience you can deliver in 45 minutes or less in-person or over the phone to your ideal potential clients and sell without being salesy.
  •  Week Six: Bring it all together and start to maximize your income, impact & influence! 
This price will NOT last forever as demand continues to increase.
What You Get:
  • LIVE Online "6 Week Get it Done" Bootcamp with Access to Jen and up to 7 other Rising Influencers. Replays will be available.
  • "Create Your Brand Story" workshop with fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($97 value)
  • "Magnetic Marketing" workshop with fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($97 value)
  • "High Ticket Offers" workshop with fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($97 value)
  • "Sales Made Simple" workshop with fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($97 value)
  • "Confidence in Closing" workshop with fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($97 value)
  • "Maximum Impact" workshop with fill-in-the-blank worksheets ($97 value)
  • 6 Weeks of Insider Secrets from an experienced coach, keynote speaker, and media expert ($3,500 value)
  • Access to Jen via Private Facebook group for breakthroughs & clarity (priceless)
  • PLUS! As an added bonus get a 12-Month Membership into my eLearning platform The Rockstar Results Academy™ for ongoing training and support. ($2,364 value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $6,446
Group begins on Tuesday, October 16 and will be held online for 6 weeks. 
Replays will be available if you miss the live broadcasts. 
Register NOW and SAVE $200!
Pay ONLY $697.

To your success,

Jen DeVore Richter

P.S. : I personally guarantee that you will be able to easily and immediately take action and implement to get results after our time together or I will coach you for FREE until you can.

What the Next Group of Rising Influencers Has to Say...

I've worked with amazing people over the years. Trusted some and learned that some I couldn't. I invested tens of thousands of dollars in programs, coaches, masterminds, etc. with all promise and no results. Implementing Jen's strategies along with her firm yet loving accountability have put me on a course beyond my wildest imagination - and I dream and achieve BIG. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I invite you - a business owner - if you are feeling any overwhelm and frustration in your business - to talk with Jen. 

- Pamela Horton, Employee Engagement & Psychology of Safety Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer

Jen was able to uncover over $23,000 in immediate hidden potential revenue in my real estate business... and she did it in 30 minutes! All I need to do to mine the gold is just implement the 5 simple strategies she shared with me and turn my website into a lead machine. I can't wait to get started! 

- Judith Chandler, Real Estate Agent in Sarasota, FL

Jen's process is exciting and invigorating! She made it very easy for me to see what I should be focused on to grow my business. Expanding my six-figure business just became a lot more clear to me. She was able to find at least $28,000 in immediate hidden revenue for me in just 45 minutes and has given me clear strategy that I can implement to build my six-figure consulting business. It works!

-Dianne Budion Devitt, NYC Based Events Designer

Before speaking to Jen I thought we had our marketing message under wraps. But, after working with her, I realized that we could be leaving a lot of money on the table by not having compelling messaging that converts. Jen opened my eyes and gave me new insights into how we can make our sales process stronger. Before you spend another dime on marketing, talk to Jen. 

-R. Shawn McBride, Business Attorney, Author & Keynote Speaker

Before speaking to Jen I was feeling very overwhelmed by the thought of having to rebuild my business in a new market after Hurricane Maria. Tears started to come to my eyes as Jen started to show me my financial potential. I see now that I just need to shift my messaging and turn my focus to the 5 areas of marketing she shared with me. Instead of feeling frustrated, I now feel hopeful and encouraged that I can do this! With her support, I am on my way to rebuilding my million dollar business. 

- Frances Rios, Keynote Speaker

My palms literally started sweating when Jen started uncovering all of the hidden revenue in my keynote speaking business. She was able to find a MINIMUM of $28,000 in hidden income for me and I am so thrilled about my potential. Before talking to Jen, I wasn't sure what my next steps should be for marketing my business, but now I am crystal clear. I highly recommend Jen to any service professional who needs insights and real results... fast! 

- Shannon Gregg, MBA, Sales Productivity Expert

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