Are you a Business Owner Who Needs a powerful Client Attraction Program? 
Jen DeVore Richter, MA, CMMA
The Powerhouse Producer 
of Rising Influencers™

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Can Your Small Business Use an Immediate Cash Flow and Profitability Increase?
MY PROMISE: I Can Find ANY Small Business a Minimum of $10,000 - $50,000 in Less than 
45 Minutes...
What You Get When You Work With Me:
Truth #1: How To Generate More Income
There are only 5 key areas any business owner needs to focus on. Cut the overwhelm and start getting real results. Scale faster and keep more.
Truth #2: How To Achieve More Influence
If you're not positioning yourself as the go-to-expert, you're giving away the competitive advantage. Become the market dominator.
Truth #3: How To Make a Bigger Impact
Without profits a business has no purpose. Without purpose, a business has no profits. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other.
45 Minute Business Breakthrough
What if you could release the overwhelm and frustration from not having enough cash flow to scale your business to the next level? In my latest ebook, I outline the 5 key areas every business owner must focus on to generate all the leads they can handle and keep more money in their pocket. Get a business breakthrough in 45 minutes.
What People Are Saying:
"I made my coaching investment back within 24 hours of hiring Jen. Amazing results!"
-April Caldwell
Money Coach
"Implementing Jen's strategies along with her firm yet loving accountability have put me on a course beyond my wildest imagination - and I dream and achieve BIG."
- Pamela Horton
HR Consultant
"Jen is the real deal. She is not like the others and what she says is NOT BS! She actually delivers on her promise."
- Zelda Greenberg
"Within one month of hiring Jen as our Marketing Advisor, we had one of our best month's to date. I highly recommend Jen."
-John Miller
Attorney at Law
"Due to Jen's strategic advice, our number of elder abuse cases has increased dramatically over the last year and half. 
- April Tapp
Marketing Manager for Attorney
"Working with Jen has opened my eyes to a way where I can serve my community AND increase my income. I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. I highly recommend her."
- Karen Barnes Rivera
Marketing Consultant
Don't let another day go by with low cash flow and stalling leads. Take ACTION today and get the business breakthrough you deserve. Call today (904) 382-7255.
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