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YES! Help Me Find $10,000 - $100,000 and Reveal My Profit Potential
Sales and Marketing Expert
Jen DeVore Richter
Former NASA Marketing Executive
Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach
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YES! Help Me Find $10,000 - $100,000 and Reveal My Profit Potential
I've worked with amazing people over the years. Trusted some and learned that some I couldn't. I invested tens of thousands of dollars in programs, coaches, masterminds, etc. with all promise and no results. Implementing Jen's strategies along with her firm yet loving accountability have put me on a course beyond my wildest imagination - and I dream and achieve BIG. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I invite you - a business owner - if you are feeling any overwhelm and frustration in your business - to talk with Jen. 

- Pamela Horton, Employee Engagement & Psychology of Safety Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer
Jen was able to uncover over $23,000 in hidden potential revenue in my real estate business... and she did it in 30 minutes! All I need to do to mine the gold is just implement the 5 simple strategies she shared with me and turn my website into a lead machine. I can't wait to get started! 

- Judith Chandler, Real Estate Agent in Sarasota, FL
Jen's $10K Challenge process is exciting and invigorating! She made it very easy for me to see what I should be focused on to grow my business. Expanding my six-figure business just became a lot more clear to me. She was able to find at least $28,000 in hidden revenue for me in just 45 minutes. 

-Dianne Budion Devitt, NYC Based Events Designer
Jen’s $10K Challenge process is amazing. Jen found me at least $210,000 in additional revenue that I had no idea about. It’s a cold cut analysis of my current situation which was helpful already. Plus understanding the 5 areas of marketing that I need to focus on with examples and actionable advice was well worth my time. The website analysis was very helpful because I now see that my messaging is off target. I expect to get a lot more leads in the range of a 1000 percent increase at least! I feel awesome and that I need to act immediately. She also gave me clarity in perfect time for the new year.

- Pierce Mooney, Engineering Firm Owner
My palms literally started sweating when Jen started uncovering all of the hidden revenue in my keynote speaking business. She was able to find a MINIMUM of $28,000 in hidden income for me and I am so thrilled about my potential. Before taking the $10K Challenge, I wasn't sure what my next steps should be for marketing my business, but now I am crystal clear. I highly recommend Jen's $10K Challenge to any service professional who needs insights and real results... fast! 

- Shannon Gregg, MBA, Sales Productivity Expert
Before speaking to Jen I thought we had our marketing message under wraps. But, after completing her $10K Challenge, I realized that we could be leaving a lot of money on the table by not having compelling messaging that converts. The $10K Challenge opened my eyes and gave me new insights into how we can make our sales process stronger. Before you spend another dime on marketing, talk to Jen. 

-R. Shawn McBride, Business Attorney
By the time I got off the phone with Jen from completing my $10K Challenge I was literally shaking. Never in my life have I had someone actually show me the potential in my business and myself. Before speaking to Jen I was on the verge of giving up. But now I am excited and energized and see exactly what it is that I need to do to move my business forward and achieve the financial goals I have for my family. Thank you Jen so much for offering this amazing service to me!

-Amanda Acker, Executive Services Coach
Rarely does a consultant show you the impact strategic marketing could potentially have on your bottom line, but Jen's $10K Challenge process is different. It is a thorough and straightforward analysis of your business systems and clearly illuminates your opportunities for growth. I found the process to be eye-opening. In a very short period of time, Jen was able to demonstrate valuable strategies I can implement right away. Together, we were able to find AT LEAST a 10% increase in both my leads and conversions which will have a big impact on my bottom line.

-Kate Stewart, PhD

Sales & Marketing Expert Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter is a former marketing executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center turned keynote speaker, consultant and CEO.
She works with sales and marketing teams to improve marketing results, increase productivity through systems and automation, and launch campaigns that convert.

She is also the CEO & Founder of Boss Women Rock, which helps women in business reach new levels of authority and profitability. Boss Women Rock community members hail from across the United States and international countries.

She is the Editor in Chief of Boss Women Rock™ magazine and host of an iTunes podcast which features entrepreneurial celebrity guests like Loral Langemeier from The Secret.

She is a media contributor frequently appearing on TV and radio including PBS, HuffPost, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS.

Jen’s fourth book Boss Women Rock: How to Go From Best Kept Secret to Sought After Expert is available on Amazon.

Her fifth book Go For Launch: 57 Out of This World Sales & Marketing Tips for Business is currently in production.

YES! Help Me Find $10,000 - $100,000 and Reveal My Profit Potential
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